Hi there, I'm Dario!

In love with music production, sound design, gaming, and tech. I'm a music producer, writing electronic and ambient music independently released through my own record label named Daze.

Here you'll find some more links to follow me on socials, listen to my music and more.

More about me

Music & Audio

I've been making music since the early 2000s, when I first tried Fruity Loops 3 at a young age. At the time, my intention was to try and imitate major hits from the italo-dance scene.

My sound has grown over time to include an electronic foundation with acoustic and cinematic elements. It's predominantly easy-listening — at times groovy, experimental, or completely meditative.

After producing music for several years, I became interested in sound design, and over time, I built and shared tools to use in my music for fun. Here you can find all of it.

Self-taught digital designer

While I was in high school, I decided to learn how to use graphics and web design tools in order to create my first website. Since then, I've gained experience that has allowed me to work as a web designer for a couple of organizations.

I also create all of the artwork for my music. This includes logos, cover arts, short animations, etc.

Aside from that, I made a few things for fun, such as a couple of VST skins and a Playnite theme (an app for organizing and categorizing all of your videogames on PC).

Into gaming

I love gaming and mostly play on PC. I'm also very interested in the behind-the-scenes of the gaming scene. I like watching and listening to a bunch of podcasts / shows such as Dropped Frames, NoClip or Get Played and I'm also a pro Twitch lurker!

You can visit my IGDB profile and check out the games I play and my ratings.


Here you'll find various downloads such as music tools, skins and more.

Wanna say thanks? I have a Patreon where you can also enjoy some perks, mostly if you're into music production!. If you wish to just donate, I appreciate it and you may do so here! Or, if you prefer, you could buy some of my lossless music on Bandcamp.

  • ACE - SoundsetNEW

    What's included:

    45 presets - Pads, Synths, Keys, Plucks, Bass

    Patreon exclusive
  • Daze Drums - One Shots Sample Pack

    What's included:

    149 one-shot drum samples.
    Kicks, Hats, Claps, Snares and Shakers.

    Patreon exclusive
  • Phonec2 - Soundset

    What's included:

    55 presets - Pads, Synths, Keys, Plucks, etc.

    Patreon exclusive
  • RC-20 - Preset Pack

    What's included:

    25 presets

    Patreon exclusive
  • RAUM - Preset Pack

    What's included:

    75 presets

    Patreon exclusive
  • RC 48 - Preset Pack

    What's included:

    40 presets

    Patreon exclusive
  • Rev Intensity - Preset Pack

    What's included:

    30 presets

    Patreon exclusive
  • Luck Synth NEW

    Patreon exclusive Download Lite version

    Create random synth sounds by clicking a button and tweak the generated parameters using bipolar knobs. Enable a second layer if you wish. Based on different instances of Polymer and only uses Bitwig devices. If you're lucky, you'll get a cool sound :)

    Lite version is free with some limitations. It doesn't include the second layer and generates fewer variations of sounds.

  • Glitch Machine


    Create fun glitchy sequences based on arpeggiation. Play chords and trigger randomized notes from the Bitwig Sampler. You can open the Sampler and replace the packed audio files with your own!

  • Glitch Machine 2

    Download Download Sampler Edition

    Another Glitch Machine, this one is synth-based and includes an additional synth/bass section for a melodic touch! The Sampler Edition is an alternative version which uses a Sampler instead of synths.

  • Random Repeater


    Create random variations using a sampler. Useful for hats, rides and such.

  • Daze Reverb


    Extreme reverb featuring modulation, shimmer and more.

    Inspired by my reverb for Ableton Live.

  • Chord Gadget


    Use your ears to find chords.

  • Note Gadget


    A custom humanizer with extra tools. You can randomize note timing, chance, velocity, length and enable strumming.

  • Free Arp


    Trust-your-ears arpeggiator with randomizer.

  • NAN Reverb


    A modulated reverb with long tails. One of my main effects used in many old tracks as Need a Name.

  • NAN Overdrive


    A strange, compressed overdrive combined with a phaser and bit reduction.

  • Creative Machine


    A multi-fx device created through a chain of grain delays. The idea started as an attempt to recreate the old tape machines' flutter sound, packed with an addition of ambient effects.

  • ZEN

    Download from the NI User Library

    After facing a creative block, I decided to revisit Reaktor and make a new synth to try and start a new track using its sounds.

    It's a subtractive synth with pre-set modulators and a broken tape-like effect knob. It's not the easiest beast to tame, but you can get some fun or broken sounds out of it.

    Released in 2023.

  • Gleam

    Download from the NI User Library

    A subtractive synthesizer I released in 2018. It took me many years to make, it's been quite fun. Can be a bit heavy on the CPU.

  • Aria

    Download from the NI User Library

    This is from 2014. An experimental synthesizer which has some effects in the background constantly (but slowly) changing the sound during time.

  • theBOX

    Download from the NI User Library

    A strange box. It makes sounds. From 2013.

  • Piky

    Download from the NI User Library

    Two-oscillator synthesizer based on the creation of "pikes" and "plucks" with extreme ease. From 2013.

  • Playnite Theme

    Github page

    A minimal theme for Playnite Desktop.